Why we are different?

We aspire change from the ground up

As construction consulting experts, we offer information, analysis and recommendations on best practices to add value and improve our client’s projects and their bottom line.

Construction Project Management is our primary business

INGENIOUS focus on control systems and processes for projects within any stage of its lifecycle. We assist our clients by developing and improving their project control systems in order to mitigate risk and prevent costly litigation.

Simplify the Complex

We assist our clients by solving complex problems that often require engineering and construction knowledge, however, the manner and style in which we evaluate and communicate our findings separate us from our competition.

Industry Leaders

In order to be a catalyst for change, you need to remain at the forefront of your industry.

Our team are leaders within their respective industry and help pave the way for other professionals to follow.

Our values

Our framework is built on Integrity, honesty and accountability which serves as the basis of the firm’s operations and influence all decisions.

We are continuously committed to Value through our culture, decision making and performance.

We possess the drive and Dedication to continuously improve and work hard while maintaining a can-do attitude.

We are one Team that communicates clearly, acknowledges contributions and has fun in order to create a great work environment and accomplish a shared objective.

Mission statement


Offer value added and cost-effective services to improve our partner-clients performance


Commit to personal growth within a stable and rewarding working environment


Improve current practices and identify new means, methods and technologies for industry professionals to follow


Seek opportunities to work for worthy causes within our communities


Implement conscience minded decisions to mitigate the impact of the built environment

Alliance Partners

Create opportunities for our alliance partners to grow along with us

Vision statement

Be the most respected and sought-after construction consulting Company for clients and employees