Fit-Out is a combination of works for design, construction, finishing and engineering equipment of internal premises of commercial real estate.

The Fit-Out segment has been developing in Russia for decades. Nowadays it is one of the most popular areas in the Russian construction market, as well as in the world as a whole.

As part of Fit-Out Projects, our team provides services in the format of Design & Build, that is, independently implements all stages from design to commissioning, and also performs the functions of a General contractor. Our company has the knowledge and experience in the implementation of Fit-Out projects that must be carried out in accordance with the highest standards.

We offer all services according to your requirements and wishes

Managing project

Fit-Out is a very complex mechanism, it includes many different features, time and money constraints. It is impossible to manage a project without a team of professionals. Our experts are able to think creatively, to make operational decisions

Interior Design

We pay maximum attention to details, working through the subtleties of each of them, “penetrating” into the depth of the customer’s plan, intuitively feeling what exactly he wants to see at the finish.

Detailed design

Design is one of the most complex and responsible processes, because all further work depends on how well it is performed. At this stage, a very important part is the teamwork and teamwork of Architects, Designers and Engineers.

Engineering equipment

It is a very time-consuming process that goes in parallel with Civil works and finishing. At this stage, much depends on the quality of the Design and Management of the project as a whole.

Civil works

The most time-consuming stage, it is associated with technological processes that can not be broken and that require consistency with each other.

Finishing and furnishing

An important role is played by the previously planned work and how well the details of deliveries were worked out. At this stage, the greatest attention is paid to the tracking of deliveries, as the slightest delay in any custom position can lead to disruption of the entire schedule.