Technical Customer’s activities are governed by the effective Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation.

A Technical Customer is an essential participant of an investment and construction project, which provides a set of construction engineering services, from project development to commissioning. Technical Customer services includes preparing permits and making sure all approvals are obtained. It is a partner and an expert in matters of the arrangement of construction sites, obtainment of technical specifications for connection to utility systems, A Technical Customer plays a key role in the construction management process and efficient interaction with all participants thereof, coordinating activities, exercising technical supervision at all stages, controlling construction quality and periods.

INGENIOUS provides the following services:

Preconstruction stage

  • Feasibility study
  • Approvals strategy
  • Managing the process to obtain Initial Permitting documentation
  • Coordinate manage communication and information
  • Make applications
  • Coordinate the state/no state Project expertise to obtain the respective positive approvals
  • And other necessary actions to start construction

Construction stage

  • Obtaining the building permit
  • Implementation of construction control in accordance with applicable law
  • Control over timely preparation by contractors of as built-documentation
  • Coordinate manage communication and information
  • Preparation for the facility for commissioning
  • Receive operation permit