For every project we review the initial data and closely work with the Client’s team to understand project requirements and constraints, after that we prepare a Project Plan comprising project implementation strategy, as well as plans and procedures to manage it.

We prepare the necessary regulations and management procedures, taking into account the specifics of each project.

Our team strive to keep the key project parameters

  • Budget
  • Quality/Scope
  • Time and
  • reduce the risk during the project lifecycle

We have the system; we know procedures and our team has vast experience in Project Management in Russia working with Local and Foreign clients

Our Strengths

  • Excellent knowledge of international standards and practices
  • Very good understanding of the Russian market, rules and regulations
  • Big work experience across Russia
  • Giving you the confidence and clarity to make the best choices
  • Reducing project risks and uncertainty at the earliest possible phase
  • Guarantee optimum performance between design, performance, time and cost
  • A flexible and collaborative approach when matching our services to your requirements
  • An enviable track record of delivering complex and varied projects
  • Maintaining project viability through a strong understanding of the process
  • Maintaining project control at every stage of development


  • We have clear defined action plans
  • We build effective communication
  • We manage the latest tools and techniques like agile and BIM
  • We offer professional solutions
  • We offer competitive price


  • Experienced professionals
  • Understanding client expectations
  • Efficient Comunication Management
  • Focus on time and cost control
  • Good local knowledge and experience