Our specialists have experience in design of the following:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Administrative buildings
  • Administrative building
  • Engineering structures
  • Environmental protection facilities
  • Road facilities
  • Industrial parks

We perform general design services including:

  • Integrated design and coordination
  • Pre-project development
  • Development of Design Documentation in accordance with RF Government Resolution No. 87
  • Development of cost estimate
  • Passing Design Expertise and obtaining a Positive Conclusion on the Design Documentation
  • Development of working documentation
  • Organization of development and coordination of special Technical Conditions (Conditions for Utilities connection)
  • Integration of design parts
  • Application of BIM technologies

Our flexible approach in design helps us to focus on customer needs, so we are able to perform local types of work in specific areas, namely:


  • An architectural concept
  • An architectural and urban planning solutions album development
  • Architectural and construction design at the stage of State design and working design
  • Optimization of architectural solutions
  • Functional zoning of premises

Design of load-bearing structures

  • Calculation of load-bearing structures
  • Development of the concept of load-bearing structures
  • Development of design and space planning solutions at the stage of State Design
  • The development working design for concrete and metal structures
  • Optimization of design solutions
  • The implementation of calibration calculation
  • Independent examination of design solutions

Engineering systems design

  • Engineering concept development
  • Development of sections of engineering systems at the stage of State design and working design

    • Heating and ventilation systems
    • Water supply and sewerage systems
    • Power supply system
    • Low-voltage networks
    • Automation system

Architectural supervision

  • Control of compliance of construction and installation works with project documentation and construction standards
  • Supervision of construction process
  • Control of deviations from design documentation
  • Prompt changes in design documentation during construction
  • Approvals of deviations from the design documentation during construction
  • inspection of the hidden works
  • Filling in the Author supervision log